Hang out at the Dam square to see what it’s all about in Amsterdam

The Dam square is the heart of the historic centre of Amsterdam. It is not far from the train station; a 300 meter stretch only. Once you’ve arrived on the square, you have really arrived in Amsterdam.    The Dam is where it is at in this city. This is where the crowds, tourists and […]

The Dutch Royal Family – how easy going are they?

The Dutch Royal family is known for its easygoing, informal lifestyle. The royals cycle places, attend state schools and Queen Maxima is even a registered ‘lice mother’ – she inspects school children’s hair for head lice.  Rather than crowned, Dutch monarchs are inaugurated to their role as head of the royal family and the Dutch […]

English-language theatre in Amsterdam

Theatre lovers who do not speak a word of Dutch need not despair when they are visiting Amsterdam. When you are staying in an Amsterdam Apartments accommodation, chances are that you are located very closely to the centre of Amsterdam. And every night of the week, there are quality shows in English in theatres around […]

How to avoid queuing at the Anne Frank house

Anne Frank’s diary is famous the world over. By now, the estimated sales of this diary are over 30 million, and annually around one million readers come to visit the Anne Frank house. Unsurprisingly, this number causes a slight logistical problem. The attic, as you will likely know, is only big enough for eight people. […]

Exploring Amsterdam’s Golden Age

When you are visiting Amsterdam you will be in a position to experience the 17th Century first hand and on location. This was the scene where all the movers and shakers of the Golden Age resided. Amsterdam was the place where capitalism was invented, under the influence of the wealth of a number of families […]

Amsterdam’s top 3 must-see museums

Amsterdam, with over 400 museums, boasts more culture per square inch than any other city in the world. Tourists have a dazzling choice of options. Must-see museums are the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh museum and the CoBrA museum, all of which have recently undergone major refurbishments, hence the need for this update. Let’s hope this […]

Be in on the pancake thing when you visit Amsterdam

Technically, a pancake is just a bit of thinly-spread egg-infused batter, baked on an oiled-up griddle, featuring in many cultures. But until you have tasted a pancake, or pannenkoek, in Amsterdam, you won’t have experienced the real thing, if you believe most Amsterdam tour guides. And when you see the extensive list of pancake eateries […]

How relaxed is Amsterdam about smokers?

So you hit Amsterdam to do a spot of, well, smoking, and are already guffawing at the mere thought of doing it in public, when it hits you…. the same smoking ban that might rule with iron fist in your country, will also put a spoiler on the bars of Amsterdam…This is after all Europe.  […]

How the Red Light district is slowly changing

Tourists visiting Amsterdam for the first time will no doubt visit the Red Light district –  to see what it’s all about. In recent years, slow change has been effected in this area, due to the decision by the city authorities to close down a number of legal brothels and cannabis cafes in order to […]

Amsterdam bike rentals

In my experience, the typical tourist in Amsterdam on a rental bike is Italian. They put their saddles too low, so their arms almost stretch reaching the handlebars. It almost affably redefines the word ‘push bike’. Strangely, the push bike concept is probably totally absent from the Italian mental repository. It is also non-existent in the […]