7 Unique Amsterdam experiences

So you are spending a short break in Amsterdam and are hoping for that quintessential Amsterdam experience. Apart from the obligatory Red Light District tour and what goes with it, what do discerning visitors turn to in order to discover the unique side of this marvellous city? Here are a few things you will be […]

Guide to the 2014 Amsterdam Dance Event

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), which takes place between October 15th and 19th, is of world renown. This dance festival has been around for two decades or so and is considered one of the most important dance events globally because just about every DJ who’s gathered any significant following will be making their way to […]

Over 250 Ingenious Pop Up Venues liven up Amsterdam

Pop ups are a favourite of many and seem to suit a city like Amsterdam with its tolerance of new ideas especially well. Amsterdam, where everything seems easy, fun and manageable, offers the perfect backdrop for these temporary outbursts of creativity. So it is not surprising that the first edition of a mega pop up […]

Five of my favourite local neighbourhood restaurants in Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers a whole lot in terms of gastronomical excellence, and you do not have to fork out massive amounts of cash for superb meals. Many of the smaller neighbourhood restaurants that you can find just outside the city centre are absolute gems. They are ignored by the tourist masses and provide high-quality dining experiences […]

Fancy dancing the night away with the cast of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

Are you a hiphop and/or R&B fan planning to visit Amsterdam during the last weekend of August? Then you’re in luck because that’s when the Encore festival takes place. Continue reading if that date is wrong, because Encore happens to also be a regular weekly event in De Melkweg, one of Amsterdam’s largest nightclubs. The […]

Gourmet shops in Amsterdam

Did you know that the World Luxury Hotel Award, which is pretty much the Oscars of the hotel sector, went to a provider of luxury apartments this year? Not a hotel, but an upmarket holiday apartments provider! It reflects a global trend in the hospitality industry; more and more people prefer to stay in private […]

Top-rated Amsterdam tourism apps

Most people who travel are happy to ditch the phone during their first few days, but then gradually slide back into the habit of making clever use of technology whenever the occasion dictates it. And boy are smart solutions enticing when you are traveling…  Here’s a few apps that might not only come in handy […]

The Dutch language – what you should bother to learn

So you’ve landed in Amsterdam and want to take a break from your smartphone, even though those translation apps sound rather a lot of fun. You’re doing the right thing, because chances are that you won’t need to speak a word of Dutch during your stay in Amsterdam. Most of the population in the Netherlands […]

6 favorite spots of Amsterdam’s locals

So you want to do Amsterdam like the locals do it. Good for you. Why fall into the tourist trap when you can crank things up a notch relatively easily and have a way more authentic experience?! Here’s a few of my favourite Saturday hangouts. -One of the best Amsterdam streets to relax and enjoy […]

Why you should choose Amsterdam Apartments over AirBNB accommodation

True, the rise of AirBNB and similar trust-based private vacation rental platforms is costing the professional hospitality industry billions in annual revenues. The Amsterdam AirBNB scene is thriving and yes, we are envious, but all being equal, there are some issues you should know about when it comes to the difference between Amsterdam Apartments and […]