Get in the mood for the festive season by visiting Amsterdam’s Christmas markets

Christmas markets spring up throughout Amsterdam in December. Whether you come along for tasty seasonal food and drink, to entertain the kids at the ice rink or merely to smell those delicious spices wafting between the market stalls with their enticing illuminations and the festive tunes, it certainly will ease you into the Christmas mood. […]

Elusive Amsterdam bench spotted in… Hollywood!

Stop press!! Stop press!!! There is now an update to the story about one of Amsterdam’s most elusive pieces of city furniture; the bench on the Leidsegracht which featured so prominently in last Summer's hit film 'The Fault in our Stars'. This bench mysteriously disappeared soon after filming and suspicions were that a group of […]

You can’t See Amsterdam for the windmills

This is a little bluffer's guide to Amsterdam’s windmills. Most tourists visiting Amsterdam do not expect to see many of these contraptions. Tulips, yes, but windmills are imagined to be found only in the countryside and hence neglected when you’re off to Amsterdam. But this is one of the most common misconceptions of modern day […]

Short Guide To Weird Amsterdam

On a regular day, life in Amsterdam can be pretty weird. Just walk around in the city centre and from time to time it will strike you that some of what is going on has escaped the realm of the ordinary. That’s what gives the quaint city much of its charm, I find. For that […]

The Van Gogh Museum is set to re-open on November 28th, having been completely refurbished and hosting a completely fresh take on Vincent van Gogh’s life, art and personality. This entirely new presentation of the fabled artist’s works is already hyped by the media, both domestically and abroad. The inaugural exhibition will draw particular attention […]

New Loco Toko Picture Show takes on 007

Back by popular demand, the Loco Toko Picture Show is taking place again, this time on November 16th and December 7th and 21st. The crew of international English speaking comedians are famed for making fun of James Bond, through a combination of stand-up, improvisation, sketches and audience interaction.  In the US, this form of entertainment […]

What revenue does cultural tourism generate for Amsterdam?

Amsterdam recently scored ninth place in a ranking of the most attractive cultural tourist destinations. With 8.7 points, the city scored just below London (8th) and above Lisbon (10th) in a recent survey carried out by Zoover, a Dutch package holiday organisation. The research involved 1,000 participants.  On average 24 percent of all European tourists […]

A short bluff guide to Delft porcelain

The iconic porcelain boy and girl kissing and the famous white milk jug are both Delftware and it is very likely that you will arrive back home from your trip to Amsterdam with a few examples of this fine work. Delft porcelain is very popular the world over and also can be found in every […]

Guide to the top markets of Amsterdam

The festive season is approaching rapidly and soon enough Christmas markets will pop up all over Amsterdam. But if you cannot face those just yet, here’s a guide to the best markets in Amsterdam for regular commodities and gifts… The Albert Cuyp Market has over 200 stalls and is located in the old Latin Quarter […]

Top spots to propose in Amsterdam

People visiting Amsterdam for a romantic getaway couldn’t have chosen a better place.  The city offers plenty of romantic spots that seem to be purposefully designed to sweep that special loved one off their feet. Whether you are planning to propose, or merely want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam, or hope that the upcoming […]